Whats going on with tubes?

The supply of tubes has been tight since the Shuguang factory closed for remodeling. At this point, we don’t know if they are ever going to open. With recent shudown of all exports from russia, all 7 Russian brands are now not availble in the US. That leaves one factory, JJ, who unfortunately buys raw materials from Russia.. for the time being they are open, but we don’t know for how long.

Because of this rapid loss of supply, we cannot sell tubes unless they are part of a repair. We also cannot guarantee we can even have tubes for your repair, and will be consulting each customer on a case by case basis as the repairs are dropped off.

Ths cost of the tubes also has gone through the roof. We are trying to keep them reasonable, but what we have paid for them lately has skyrocketed.  If you wish to bring your own tubes for your repair, you are encouraged to do so. 

Is the waitlist open again?

The waitlist is permanently closed

How does the waitlist work?

The waitlist lets you keep your gear in your possession until it is nearly time for your gear to be repaired.  It is also not a commitment; it’s just a reservation in line so everyone can be addressed in order.  On the other hand, if you are not using your equipment or you wish to drop it off right away, you can drop it off at any time.

What equipment do you work on?

We work mostly on guitar and bass amps, guitar and bass electronics, and effects pedals. Marshall, Ampeg, Fender, SWR, Music Man, Vox, and many other brands regularly come through the doors.  Generally the older and the more analog the unit the more successfully it can be economically viable to repair. We also do some work on vintage tube HiFi.  Please email with your specific piece for confirmation that we can fix it if you are unsure

What will you not work on? 

Its hard to say as a rule, but many digital pedals, digital effects processors, and digital amplifiers, especially those marketed as starter or student amplifiers are not viable for repair.  We do not repair mixers or power amps at all, and we do not do guitar repair other than electronics.  If the repair is expected to exceed the market value on the item we will not repair it unless the entire repair is prepaid. Please email with your specific piece for confirmation that we can fix it if you are unsure

What will my repair cost?

It cannot be precisely calculated what a repair will cost until the unit is disassembled and the problem found. This disassembly and analysis for most gear incurs a “quote fee” of 40.00 and will be applied to the repair. At that point, you will be called with the exact quote. If at that point you do not wish to proceed with the repair, the 40.00 fee will still need to be paid to recover the item.

At times, certain complex or unusual equipment will not be possible to quote for 40.00. If this occurs, you will be called back with a revised quote fee of 80.00. Should this situation occur, you have the option to waive all fees and pick up the item at no charge. If you wish to continue, you will then be provided with an exact quote for the repair after the additional analysis. If at that point you do not wish to proceed with the repair, the 80.00 fee will still need to be paid to recover the item.

Quotes are based loosely on a 80.00 per hour shop rate for labor, plus parts.  We now have a minimum one our 80.00 fee for all amplifiers, and 40.00 for all pedals.  Simple tube amp repairs typically cost 80.00 to 160.00 labor plus the cost of parts. A typical simple repair indicated by smoke and a blown fuse would incur 1 hour of labor plus parts, most likely a rectifier or output tubes and either a diode or screen resistor and would total approx 100.00-250.00. More extensive repairs like a complete cap job will be more. However the repair of a channel switching failure can cost 250.00 or more.

A solid state amp repair typically ranges from 1 to 2-1/2 hours. Simple jack or control problems might be 60.00 labor plus parts, a simple repair involving circuitry might be 80.00, a more complex repair 150.00, a complete rebuild well over 250.00

Do I need to bring Parts or Tubes?

No. We have, or can order, most things you could possibly need at reasonable prices and subsequently integrate the price of labor and parts as well as providing a complete warranty on the job. Work done with customer supplied parts may end up costing more overall and the parts, or subsequent damage from those parts, would not be covered. One exception is NOS tubes. If you wish to use NOS tubes, you must bring those in as we do not supply NOS tubes, with the understanding that we cannot guarantee their behavior.

Do you have a standard fee for a checkout and a tuneup? 

We will thoroughly check out every amp that comes in for a repair, unless it is specifically requested not to.  This usually includes checking preamp and power tubes, cleaning and retensioning sockets if necessary, adjusting or checking bias, cleaning all jacks, removing all boards and inspecting for failing solder joints, cleaning all controls, jacks, and connectors, testing filter capacitors, and play testing the amplifier.  This is part of the repair fee, and is required for us to offer a warranty.  If you have no issues with your amp and just request a full bench test, that is usually 80.00

What if my amp has been recently repaired and I’m just coming back for new tubes?

At a minimum, when new tubes are installed I check the screen resistors, power tube sockets, and bias circuit for any potential problems which could affect tube life, then set the bias for the amp. The fee for this is 40.00.

How long will my repair take? 

The current backlog is always posted on the main page on this site, both in weeks and in estimated date.  Make sure you are ok with this wait before dropping off.   Generally the quicker you get on the waitlist the quicker it will be done.  You do not need to drop your amp off to get on the waitlist, though you are free to drop off at any time.

But what if I have an emergency? 

We are no longer taking emergency work for a fee.  When we did, and the waitlist got long, everyone used the emergency fee and the people already patiently waiting in line kept being pushed back.  This is not fair to them. 

Do you accept mail order repair?

We are no longer accepting mail order repairs.